Happy Summer Time to All Me Peeps!

Lets have some fun adventuring together!

Here's to sunny days, giggles and celebrating life!











Happy Christmas Photos here







WELCOME to My World

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Some Stuff About Me:

I love to go out travelling around...I don't gots to go too far to find some fun. I is da bestest local tourist ever :) I lives in British Columbia on da West Coast of Canada... a purdy part of da world.

I loves partying, having fun, going to festivals, nature walks, taking photos, making videos. I keeps in touch wid all my kewl friends on facebook. I enjoy every day to the mostest. I collect lapel pins and postcards....

Life is short and so am I *giggles* ...almost 9 inches!...so lets all have some fun here together.I hopes ya likes my bubblesworld website.

Please come back and checks for updates.xo

Please watch the video below called ''forever friends''... I made it special for all me totally bubbalicious, kewl, funny, quirky, sweet and crazy-quackers-like-me friends. you gotta have friends cuz life wouldn't be da same wid out dem.Sometimes a duck has a mushy moment.

I am one lucky ducky to have so many specduckular pals on facebook! I hope to make new friends here too.This video is dedicated to all of you :O) with a special dedication to my chum, Snuffy for all his genius help wid my website. He be a web smartie pants and he is just da bestest pal,too.

So heres one big shout out to my superduper pal, Snuffy Bearmani. THANKS OODLES, SNUFFY!!!